Research in Europe – “Seven Reasons to Care about Integrity in Research”


Science Europe’s Working Group on Research Integrity has published a new brochure entitled ‘Seven Reasons to Care about Integrity in Research’ which discusses the key reasons why it is important to promoting research integrity.

“Research integrity is intrinsic to research activity and excellence. It is at the core of research itself. It is a basis for researchers to trust each other as well as the research record, and, equally importantly, it is the basis of society’s trust in research evidence and expertise” [1].

The seven reasons to care about integrity in research are:

  1. Research Integrity Safeguards the Foundations of Science and Scholarship.
  2. Research Integrity Maintains Public Confidence in Researchers and Research Evidence.
  3. Research Integrity Underpins Continued Public Investment in Research.
  4. Research Integrity Protects the Reputation and Careers of Researchers.
  5. Research Integrity Prevents Adverse Impact on Patients and the Public.
  6. Research Integrity Promotes Economic Advancement.
  7. Research Integrity Prevents Avoidable Waste of Resources.

“Research misconduct is not a victimless crime and can damage reputations, careers, patients and the public. It is also a waste of public investment in research and is costly to remediate.” [1]

The brochure can be downloaded at the following URL :



Science Europe is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels representing major Research Funding and Research performing organisations in 27 countries, established in 2011 to promote the collective interest of its members and to foster collaboration between them . [read more details on Science Europe’s website].






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