INSERM&’s Ethics Committee – 2nd Annual Day 2015


June 10th, 2015 – The INSERM&’s Ethics Committee has organized its 2nd Annual Day at the Brain & Spine Institute (ICM; Paris) which was dedicated to reflections on Gender and Health Research and presentation of its 2014-2015 activities.

Prof Hervé Chneiweiss, president of the INSERM&’s Ethics Committee has presented the 2014-2015 activities of his committee. His talk is avilable at the following URL.


His presentation was followed by &) a talk by Prof Yves Lévy, Président and General Director of INSERM, 2) a talk by Prof Jean-Paul Moatti, President & General Director of the French Institute of Research for the Development (IRD), and 3) a talk by Prof Alexis Brice, Director of the Brain & Spine Institute.

Gender and health research

Two women scientists have contributed to this session that was modurated by Dr Catherine Vidal, Neurobiologist at Institut Pasteur and member of the INSERM&’s Ethics Committee :


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